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  • Graham Caskie

Some improvisation...

I am always in awe of genuine jazz improvisation and jazz artists. As much as I enjoy the occasional flirt with some of the great 'standards' or indeed some dubious re-working of classical pieces, such music hasn't reach my concert platforms. Perhaps that's just as well, but I must say I really do enjoy the spontaneity of the Satie (link below), enjoyed with Thomas Carroll and Laurence Ungless a few years back...

The following Gershwin Prelude arrangement is by Stephen Goss, recorded on the same occasion...

Thomas Carroll and I subsequently worked with Stephen Goss on a suite of pieces entitled 'Caught Between', from which the following three pieces are taken.

I feel fortunate to have explored in this way; I am sure the individuality and personality of line, sound and rhythm were focused and heightened, with greater immediacy and urgency.

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